Medical Student Integrative Medicine Lifestyle Clinic


There is now an  option  in our office for new patients who would like a comprehensive integrative consultation to evaluate  their health. Our new Medical Student Integrative Medicine and Lifestyle clinic is perfect for those who:

  • Do not currently see one of the doctors at WholeFamilyMD
  • Have a primary care doctor
  • Want a comprehensive evaluation of their chronic health problems or an in depth analysis of how to prevent disease
  • Would like  to understand how Western medicine might blend with lifestyle changes and alternative modalities to help manage,  cure or prevent  medical problems
  • Are willing to work with and  develop a relationship with a third year UCSF medical student who will be caring for them

The clinic will be supervised by Avril Swan, MD, however, the patients in the clinic will not be part of Dr. Swan’s primary care  practice. Should you wish to become a patient at WholeFamilyMD for primary care, you would need to transfer medical care to one of the doctors in the office.


FREE! Through June 30th! After June 30th, if things take off, we will charge 100 dollars for initial visits and 50 dollars for follow ups to cover clinic costs.

To schedule an appointment please email: with the subject line “medical student clinic”. You may also call 415-642-0333.

Please understand:

This is a consultative medical student clinic. Urgent matters must be referred to your primary care physician. Our office will not be available for ongoing medical treatment for patients in this clinic unless they become patients of one of our primary care physicians.


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